Do The Unthinkable

Want A Challenge? Do The Unthinkable

Do you want to transform your body, whilst also improve your life and wellbeing? Do The Unthinkable is an effective exercise and meal plan that is loved already by over 2 million customers. Men’s Health, Great British Food and Women’s Health describe it as:

The most complete fitness and food system we have ever seen

The Do The Unthinkable Plan

If you are embarking on a regular fitness schedule, it is important to get enough nutrition. Too little and you may not be eating enough to gain lean muscle mass, so the key is to tailor your diet to match your lifestyle. With this effective plan, you will get every meal you need delivered direct to you. You do not need to prepare anything and you will get perfectly portioned meals that are ready to eat is under ten minutes. This includes breakfast, lunch, supper, and even snacks too. It is super easy to choose the meals you want.

Do The Unthinkable Workout Program

Receive DVDs or stream workouts that are scientifically proven to work. The workouts are designed by a certified personal trainer with nine years of experience and who has successfully trained people across all backgrounds over four continents. With every weekly order, you will receive free DVDs, or you can access Do The Unthinkable workout programmes at any time.

Steve Is Your Do The Unthinkable Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Imagine having your own personal trainer and nutritionist whom you can contact 24/7 365? Meet Steve, who is there to encourage, guide and motivate you to continue and see transformative results.

Access The Do The Unthinkable Community

When you need encouragement, or you just want to chat with fellow members, the exclusive access to the online community is helpful. Share before and after pictures, encourage one another, and feel better about yourself.

The Right Diet is Important for Bodily Transformation

You do not need to worry about bland meals with the Do The Unthinkable exercise and meal plan because there are a great range of tasty meals, including curry, pizza, and pulled pork.

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boot camp

Boot Camp is an Excellent Workout for Full Body Conditioning

Have you ever been to the gym early and asked yourself, Why am I doing this, only to realise afterward that the workout given you a buzz that lasts all day? After only about five hours sleep, I heard my Piranha alarm tone, brushed teeth, cleansed face, dressed and walked to the gym. Sadly, I must have chosen the exercise class half asleep as I had booked myself onto boot camp instead of body pump.

I am familiar with circuit training, although I’ve not been to a circuit class for about ten weeks. I do not mind tough workouts. However, I was concerned that I had not eaten enough before the workout, as a pear and orange is fructose that will be burned immediately as energy. A full body-conditioning workout like boot camp incorporates aerobic and anaerobic for a great fat burning workout. Exercises include:

  • Alternate press-ups on a medicine ball
  • Walkouts
  • Alternate leg plank
  • Jump squats
  • Medicine ball torso twist
  • Wall squat
  • Skipping
  • Tricep dip
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Dumbbell punches

There are more exercises. In the class this morning, I decided that I wouldn’t quit because I wasn’t wearing a sports bra. There were several plyometric-type exercises (explosive moves) that made my chest jiggle, but who cares if my nipples were popping out. There were only about eight of us in the 6.30 AM class, and we all worked hard.

The full body conditioning boot camp class had around twenty different stations. The instructor timed us for one minute on each station. There was a five second break between stations, so it felt far more brutal than Tabata.

I did put 100 percent effort into boot camp. By the second set of twenty-seconds, I felt nauseous. Afterward, the mere scent of my organic chocolate shower gel, plus the scents from the products used in the other showering cubicles, made me feel delicate. When the spray of deodorants and other synthetic fragrance was sprayed around the changing rooms, I had to get out of there ASAP. I’ve detoxified from synthetic fragrances, including shampoos, shower gels, and skincare, so I’m sensitive to these fragrances. I highly recommend essential oils to use as fragrance in a little carrier oil, or ionizer. Baking soda is the cheapest deodorant.

Boot camp is brutal, but as long as you push yourself your endurance will improve, over time. There are other good full body conditioning classes, but if you want to burn fat, tone your whole body, and continue to burn calories all day long, try boot camp.

stay cool this summer

4 Easy Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

If you want to stay cool this summer, look no further than these healthy tips, which don’t cost the earth. Air conditioning can be useful to keep the body cool all day, but it can also cause nasal congestion. Follow these tips to keep the body healthy during this hot summer weather.

1. Stay Cool This Summer by Keeping the Body Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you are outside in the heat. Your body will be perspiring more rapidly than normal, even though you may not feel it, and the body requires frequent liquid to prevent dehydration. Keep a water bottle with you, if possible. All drinks like tea, coffee, fruit juice, and plain water count toward your daily fluid levels, although tea and coffee are natural diuretics so will cause frequent urination.

Perspiration is the body’s natural way to keep the body cool, so opt for a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant, as it is natural for the underarms to sweat throughout the day. Bicarbonate of soda is a fantastic natural deodorant, which will disguise any underarm odour but will not prevent perspiration, so sprinkle a little under both arms and you’ll stay fresh all day long in this summer heat.

2. Wear Cotton Clothing To Stay Cool This Summer

The last thing you want to wear in the summer months are tight items of clothing, so stay cool this summer with cotton clothing. Cotton feels light against the skin and is a naturally breathable fabric. Look for cotton t-shirts, trousers, shorts, and vests.

3. Munch on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit contains a lot of water, even a banana contains 80 percent water so munch on fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep the body hydrated. Your skin will thank you, and fruits and vegetables keep the belly full to prevent overeating. You may find during these summer months that your appetite for normal meals decreases and your fluid intake increases, which may include a craving for raw fruits and veggies. Supermarkets often have a good range of fruits and vegetables, usually at discounted prices, during these summer months, so stay cool this summer by sustaining your hydration levels with fruits and veggies.

4. Use Desk and Tower Fans to Stay Cool This Summer

I often find that the use of a tower fan in the home can increase the heat in a room, but every person is different. I prefer to open the window, and it’s lovely when a breeze hits the skin, but if you cannot cope with the heat inside opt for a desk or tower fan.

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10 minute kettlebell workout

The 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

There is a 10 minute kettlebell workout that will leave you feeling breathless, perspiring, and invigorated, and it’s a workout that is quick, leaves the skin glowing without the need to shower afterward, and gives an endorphin effect that lasts. I’ve been doing this kettelbell workout for the past two days, and I accomplished 240 kettlebell swings in the first workout, and 275 kettlebell swings in the second workout, which was this morning. Would you like to know what this 10 minute kettlebell entails? Okay, let’s prepare for the workout.

Download a Tabata Timer for the 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Set a tabata timer (or similar) for 1 minute intervals through one of the free apps from Google Play or the App Store. There is no break in between, but once you’ve completed the number of reps, you rest until the next minute arrives. This 10 minute kettlebell workout is intermediate, but if you want a beginner or advanced just increase or reduce the repetitions per minute. I completed 25 repetitions per minute today over 10 minutes totaling 250 reps.

Important Information

Always consult your doctor before undertaking an exercise programme, especially if you are new to exercise, go at your own pace. If 20 to 25 kettlebell swings is too intensive for you per minute, then reduce the swings to 10 repetions per minute. This will keep the heart rate up during the kettlebell swings, and give you adequate rest before the next minute starts. You will slowly build up your endurance levels so that you can complete more, over time.

I’ve been using a 9KG kettlebell, but I also have a 12KG kettlebell, which is at my partner’s house, but I do feel the benefits of the kettlebell swing even with the 9KG kettlebell.

The Kettlebell Swing

It can be tempting during a kettlebell swing to go into a squat, but keep the back straight and slightly bend the knees and let the kettlebell pull your arms back down between the legs so that you enter a rhythmic movement. I do the kettlebell workouts by BodyFit by Amy frequently, so here is her kettlebell swing video.

Quick Preparation Pre-Workout

• Set 1 minute intervals with no break x 10.
• If you require a quick warm up, set 30 seconds up to a minute as a warm up before you begin the kettlebell swings.
• Start with a lighter kettlebell, as you will be performing a lot of kettlebell swings in 10 minutes. Aim for quality swings over quantity.

The 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

1. MINUTE 1: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
2. MINUTE 2: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
3. MINUTE 3: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
4. MINUTE 4: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
5. MINUTE 5: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
6. MINUTE 6: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
7. MINUTE 7: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
8. MINUTE 8: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
9. MINUTE 9: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.
10. MINUTE 10: Complete 20 kettlebell swings within the minute, and rest for the remainder.

Great work. You’ve completed the 10 minute kettlebell workout and completed 200 kettlebell swings in 10 minutes. If you applied enough effort, your heart rate will be high, you’ll have slight perspiration, and your muscles will feel fatigued.

My aim with this 10 minute kettlebell workout is to perform it every day (alternate weeks). Some days I’ll use a lighter weight and other days I’ll use my 12KG kettlebell. This is what is most effective about kettlebell training. My aim in 2018 is to transform my body from top to toe, together with the 60 reps of the 8/12 protocol on a spin bike, plus rowing workouts. Check out the latest deals on fitness and lifestyle.

One week I’ll focus on kettlebell workouts, and another week on cycling and rowing. Currently fluctuating between 12st and 12½st (dependent on the menstrual cycle when I get bloated and feel unsexy). I want to tone up my entire body, burn body fat, and for clothes to feel looser. Best of luck with the 10 minute kettlebell workout. Be sure to leave a comment of your kettlebell swing accomplishments and let’s continue to inspire one another.

bakerdays letterbox gift cake

The bakerdays Letterbox Gift Cake Experience

I came across the bakerdays letterbox gift cake website because I was looking for a unique tasty gift, and I couldn’t believe the level of choice available online. bakerdays allow you to personalise cakes, cupcakes, and balloons, and even the choice of birthday cakes include superhero cakes, racing car cakes, general birthday, or you could create your own with a photo cake where you choose a template, update your image, and add text. This is a unique gift idea, and very delicious too. The supermarkets have a limited selection of celebration cakes, which is not of interest to me.

Safe Cake DELIVERY Service

bakerdays state that their cake(s) arrive safely, and it did, plus a day earlier than I ordered it for, which is a bonus. This was my first bakerdays letterbox gift cake order, and I chose the pretty strawberries cake. To be honest, there were so many cakes to choose from and perhaps I should have considered them all, but once the bakerdays letterbox gift cake arrived in its tin, I am pleased with my choice.

My mum is in hospital currently, but has leave at weekends, so I wanted to treat the family to a slice of cake and make her smile. I like the bakerdays website as once you’ve chosen your design and selected a size ranging from a letterbox gift sized cake up to a larger sized cake you can choose from different recipes, including gluten wheat free sponge or a traditional sponge. Whatever choice of cake you choose, you can then find out the ingredients of your chosen cake. This way you can check that the cake doesn’t contain any ingredients that you may be allergic to.

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The Bakerdays Letterbox Gift Cake Taste Test

Even though the cake was delivered on Thursday, the cake stayed fresh until Saturday in its sturdy tin, which I kept in the fridge. The cake was shared amongst four people today, which was just enough all round to satisfy a sweet tooth. The icing topping was sweet with a thin layer of jam beneath, but I was especially impressed with the delicious sponge as I chose a gluten wheat free sponge, even though I’m not allergic to any specific ingredients. I can only assume that this bakerdays letterbox gift cake gluten wheat free sponge was just as richly delicious as the traditional sponge, which I may order in the future.

In Conclusion

There are a great range of birthday and celebration cakes in the supermarkets, but there is nothing unique about them. What I love about bakerdays is the vast choice of cakes to meet all occasions, plus the option to personalise cakes with text and/or a photo. Whether you want to find a ‘thank you’ cake or ‘engagement’ cake, you will be impressed when the cake arrives in its cute tin. And yes, the postie didn’t have to knock at the door to pass me the parcel because I’d ordered a Bakerdays letterbox gift cake, which is designed to fit through the letterbox. Just like bakerdays promise the cake arrived safely too. The cake was delicious and I highly recommend bakerdays. If you want to say thank you, or a simple ‘I love you’, send a bakerdays letterbox gift cake, and bring a tear to the eye of your friend or loved one.