About Us

New Promo Codes was set up to help consumers find the best deals on hundreds of products. We offer exclusive promo codes, which can be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and we source the latest fab discounts on hundreds of websites so that you can save.

New Promo Codes is an affiliated site. The sites we list are affiliates and when you click through to the offer, we receive a small percentage of your sale from the affiliate company. You are not at risk. If you suddenly left the consumer website after click through to the deal through us, and then decided that you wanted to purchase the item at a later stage, we would receive no monies for the affiliate site.

In this difficult financial world, i believe that we can all help one another, and I hope that you will help me in my endeavours to earn a living by save consumers money. You can do this by using the direct links through New Promo Codes.

From my own experience with setting up beauty websites and trying to promote them with promo codes, it is impossible to get the website listed at sites like UKHotDeals or Voucher Codes, and these sites could really help small businesses to succeed, so if YOU have set up a website and want to promote it with promo codes and discount deals, we will happily set you up an author profile free of charge where you can add your own promo codes, and hopefully attract some sales.