bakerdays letterbox gift cake

The bakerdays Letterbox Gift Cake Experience

I came across the bakerdays letterbox gift cake website because I was looking for a unique tasty gift, and I couldn’t believe the level of choice available online. bakerdays allow you to personalise cakes, cupcakes, and balloons, and even the choice of birthday cakes include superhero cakes, racing car cakes, general birthday, or you could create your own with a photo cake where you choose a template, update your image, and add text. This is a unique gift idea, and very delicious too. The supermarkets have a limited selection of celebration cakes, which is not of interest to me.

Safe Cake DELIVERY Service

bakerdays state that their cake(s) arrive safely, and it did, plus a day earlier than I ordered it for, which is a bonus. This was my first bakerdays letterbox gift cake order, and I chose the pretty strawberries cake. To be honest, there were so many cakes to choose from and perhaps I should have considered them all, but once the bakerdays letterbox gift cake arrived in its tin, I am pleased with my choice.

My mum is in hospital currently, but has leave at weekends, so I wanted to treat the family to a slice of cake and make her smile. I like the bakerdays website as once you’ve chosen your design and selected a size ranging from a letterbox gift sized cake up to a larger sized cake you can choose from different recipes, including gluten wheat free sponge or a traditional sponge. Whatever choice of cake you choose, you can then find out the ingredients of your chosen cake. This way you can check that the cake doesn’t contain any ingredients that you may be allergic to.

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The Bakerdays Letterbox Gift Cake Taste Test

Even though the cake was delivered on Thursday, the cake stayed fresh until Saturday in its sturdy tin, which I kept in the fridge. The cake was shared amongst four people today, which was just enough all round to satisfy a sweet tooth. The icing topping was sweet with a thin layer of jam beneath, but I was especially impressed with the delicious sponge as I chose a gluten wheat free sponge, even though I’m not allergic to any specific ingredients. I can only assume that this bakerdays letterbox gift cake gluten wheat free sponge was just as richly delicious as the traditional sponge, which I may order in the future.

In Conclusion

There are a great range of birthday and celebration cakes in the supermarkets, but there is nothing unique about them. What I love about bakerdays is the vast choice of cakes to meet all occasions, plus the option to personalise cakes with text and/or a photo. Whether you want to find a ‘thank you’ cake or ‘engagement’ cake, you will be impressed when the cake arrives in its cute tin. And yes, the postie didn’t have to knock at the door to pass me the parcel because I’d ordered a Bakerdays letterbox gift cake, which is designed to fit through the letterbox. Just like bakerdays promise the cake arrived safely too. The cake was delicious and I highly recommend bakerdays. If you want to say thank you, or a simple ‘I love you’, send a bakerdays letterbox gift cake, and bring a tear to the eye of your friend or loved one.

lose weight

Lose Weight By Eating The Right Fats Plus Add Exercise For A Metabolism Boost

Do you want to lose weight and tone the body this summer 2018, but not sure how to take that first major step? Experts say that the best way to lose weight is to follow a calorie-restricted diet, and perform exercise several times weekly. Try both for effective weight loss.

Lose Weight by Changing the Diet

Meal replacements can help you lose weight over the short term, but they are often in powder form and require mixing with water or milk. To save fewer calories, switch to skimmed milk, if preferred, and increase your protein levels to feel sated. Increase your fat intake. Good fat sources include avocados, peanut butter, and raw nuts and seeds. Although fat is often believed to be ‘the enemy’ in the fight toward weight loss, fat leaves the stomach and brain feeling satisfied, which will lead to a healthier appetite and less need to snack in between meals.

Eat The Right Saturated Fats to Lose Weight

Coconut oil is a saturated fat, but this does not mean it is unhealthy. Nutrition experts tell us to stay away from saturated fats, but it is wrong for them to say this when they have no idea about the different structures of fats. The weight gain and obesity epidemic worldwide is due to our diets from too many grains and carbohydrates. Amazingly, coconut oil contains a unique medium chain fatty acid structure, which makes it very easy for the human body to digest. When coconut oil is consumed, the body immediately starts to break its energy down for digestion. The human body finds this very easy because its fat source is naturally created. If you feel a heat sensation in the body after consuming coconut oil, it’s because the body is already in the thermogenesis (calorie burning) mode. It’s unique fatty acid structure makes it a healthy oil for cooking, as it can be heated to a very high temperature without risk of oxidation (free radical damage). The taste may take some getting used to, but it’s a worthwhile fat to eat when your aim is to lose weight.

Lose Weight With Exercise

Exercise comes in varied forms. If you are new to exercise, gentle aerobic exercise like walking is a great tool to boost the metabolism and help you lose weight. Weight training or anaerobic exercise is a good method for toning up the body, and you can use dumbbells and kettlebells to achieve a thorough workout. Although weight training is often tough, do not be afraid of the weight lifting area in your local gym. Hire a session with a personal trainer to learn some weight training tips, or watch videos online to learn effective tips. Finally, high intensive interval training, better known as HIIT, is widely relied upon by many fitness enthusiasts due to its quick bursts of anaerobic exercise, which science says helps to encourage muscle growth, boost the metabolism even at rest, and support weight loss. Research into one particular HIIT workout, the 8/12 second workout, which involves sixty sets of eight seconds of sprinting on a spin bike, followed by twelve seconds of rest, found that the people taking part in this exercise lost weight around the abdominal area, without even a change in diet.