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Printer Ink Originals or Compatibles

Printer ink manufacturers often tell us that it is best to purchase the original branded cartridges and printer inks, but they are often expensive, so what is the solution? Compatible ink cartridges and toners may not always fit your current printer, but a lot of cartridges today have build in reset chips, so there should be no issue with it fitting into your printer.

Colour Printers Requirements

Colour printers require four printer ink colors – black, yellow, blue, and magenta. It is often the black ink that requires regular changing so it is best to order several black ink cartridges at the time. Most compatible printer ink packs provide a pack of colour cartridges plus two or three black inks.

How to Buy Compatible Printer Ink?

Your printer will have a name included on it. Simply log onto your favourite online printer shop, browse via brand or manufacturer to find the original cartridge or toner, or do a search for your printer and see what is available. Your printer will give you the option of replacing the ink cartridges, and here you can pick out the cartridge or printer inks and find out the printer number name for an easy search online. For example, the HP LaserJet 1010 toner by Hewlett Packard may cost over £65, but if you purchase a compatible it provides the same great quality print at a third of the price.

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Cheap Printers by Quality Brands

You can often buy an all-in-one printer consisting of a printer, scanner, and photocopier for under £30. Check out Currys PC World, Tesco, or other online retailers for exclusive printer deals, and you often get a set of printer inks included.

Epson have created a unique printer, the EcoTank which doesn’t require the purchase of any further printer ink or cartridges, just Epson ink bottles. Although these refillable ink printers are expensive to buy from £150+, they may work out cheaper over the long run with consistent high quality colour prints.

electric bike

Improve Your Endurance & Reduce Road Pollution With An Electric Bike

It is easy to hire a bike during a holiday, but an electric bike is a good investment, and you can normally find cheap electric bikes for sale on sites like or via cycling websites like Rutland Cycling, often at discounted prices.

An electric bike can give you oomph when you are riding uphill and popular brands of electric bikes include Giant, Trek, ScottCannondale, and Specialized. It might sound an easier ride with use of an electric bike, but my father is a keen cyclist and often travels an average 40 miles on his bike and he told me that when he and his partner rented out a pair of electric bikes in Lanzarote, it was hard work.

An Electric Bike Still Require Effort

Electric bikes are not like mopeds or scooters, and although the bike has an electric motor, you will get a boost dependent upon your pedalling power. The use of an electric bike coupled with mountain biking and road cycling will improve your cycling endurance.

YES, AN Electric Bike HelpS The Environment

If the thought of road cycling sounds too much like hard work, then an electric bike could be the answer. Most of us live sedentary lives today and barely get the recommended 10,000 steps per day to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, but cycling is a fantastic aerobic exercise to improve heart health. If you want an easier ride to work then invest in an electric bike. You will protect the environment against further road pollution whilst also putting your health first and helping to release those feel good endorphins.

Types of Electric Bikes

There are various types of electric bikes on the market today, including hybrid e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, folding e-bikes, and road e-bikes, plus you can find a great deal at Rutland Cycling with the ex-hire and ex-demo electric bikes available.

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ugg boots

Ugg Boots – Are They The Snuggest of Boots?

Ugg Boots are those cute wooly pull on boots that look good with jeans, skirts, and dresses, but are these boots the snuggest of boots, or is it just the name you are paying for, after all there are many similar looking  boots to the original Ugg boot on the market today. The manufacturer, Ugg, says its brand is renowned for its luxurious comfort of twinface sheepskin plus exceptionally crafted products.

The original Ugg boots come in various colours, including pink, white, brown and black, and the boot lengths vary. Trendier colours of Ugg boots include green, purple, and blue. Doc Martens are known for their trendy boot colours, but it’s nice to know that you can buy the Ugg boot in various stylish funky colours.

The manufacturer of Ugg boots, Ugg Australia, have created a range of stylish women’s boots and shoes to suit all persons, and the men’s products are just as trendy, with their range of lace up trainers, loafers, and casual boots.

Are They Ugg Boots or Counterfeits?

Since the introduction of Ugg boots by Ugg, there have been a number of counterfeit productions, but you can visit the official Ugg website to search for the latest store closest to you where you can buy original Ugg boots and accessories. The Ugg website also allows you to do a website check whether the products are authentic.

The Ugg Boots Outlet Emporium

If you want to access Ugg products at outlet prices then you need to join the official Ugg outlet. Enter your email address and delivery country and you’ll be able to access ugg boots at outlet prices, plus source exclusive Ugg promo codes.

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Ugg Boots or Lookalikes

There are many lookalikes of the original Ugg boot, but when you buy the authentic Ugg boot you are purchasing the quality materials like twinface sheepskin and Uggpure™ wool coupled with the quality craftsmanship to provide a snug feel for your foot.

bensons for beds

What’s The Deal With Simba Memory Foam Mattress?

Simba memory foam is a particular brand of memory foam, which provides comfort and warmth to ensure you get a restful nights sleep, but is Simba memory foam different from the rest of the memory foam family?

What is Simba Memory Foam?

The Simba Hybrid Mattress, for example, contains five layers consisting of the sleep surface, allowing for a crisp freshness and temperature control, the Simbatex to provide a supportive layer, 2500 unique conical pocket springs, a memory foam layer that moulds perfectly to your body, and the support base ensures you have a seventh heaven-perfect sleep. If you and your partner are different heights and weights, the Simba memory foam mattress adjusts to both you and your partner’s body shape, so you can look forward to a restful night’s sleep all year round.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Some people can have issues with memory foam, as their body heats up next to the memory foam and has difficulty in cooling, but there are solutions to this. Wool is a unique material because it can warm the area when it is cool and cool an area that is too warm, so opt for a wool mattress topper, which will provide comfort if you should over heat from a memory foam mattress.

There are many places where you can find bed and memory foam mattress deals at low prices, including, HomeSquare,,, and Some websites even off a free trial, including Simba memory foam, but I can’t understand how these manufacturers can re-sell a mattress if someone sends it back after the free trial.

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When you want to find the best bed and memory foam mattress deals, have a budget ready and stick to it. Measure your current mattress to ensure that you are ordering the right sized memory foam mattress, unless you’re opting for a bed and memory foam mattress deal, then you won’t have to worry about measuring the mattress.

In Conclusion

Simba memory foam is one particular memory foam bed system, which offers a free trial plus bed and memory foam mattress deals and other bed accessories for purchase, or you can search for a bed and memory foam mattress through online sites like and However, memory foam is not for everyone as it can cause intense body heat in some people, which can lead to sweating and an uncomfortable sleep, but you can place a wool mattress topper on top of the memory foam to cool the body.

gifts for fathers day

Ideas and Gifts For Fathers Day

Are you searching for gifts for fathers day, which is on the 17 June 2018? There are so many versatile categories, from alcohol and clothing to technology and gadgets.

Clothing Gift Ideas FOR FATHERS DAY

Scotts sells clothing, footwear and accessories for men by hot brands like adidas Originals and New Balance, Emporio Armani EA7Fred Perry, 80s CasualsONETrueSaxon, and Pretty Green. Categories include bags, caps, underwear, socks, footwear care, and knitted hats. Browse gifts for father’s day at Scotts, plus there’s always an exclusive sale on where you can buy branded clothing at discounted prices.

Beer Gifts for Fathers Day

Which man doesn’t love a good old beer, and Beer Hawk stocks over 1000 beers. Beer styles include everything from stout and IPAs to sour beers and speciality beers. There is even a monthly beer club that you can sign up for with prices from £24 including delivery. When you’re searching for gifts for fathers day, Beer Hawk has a huge variety of delicious beers from worldwide.

Contemporary Technology GIFTS FOR FATHERS DAY

Bose has long created speaker technology and headphones to perfect sound. Although these machines are not often cheap, you can often find a great offer at the speakers outlet. Plus there are always special offers on headphones with prices from £59.95.

Dads and Grads Pops

Pops vinyl figures are quirky and fun, plus there are tons of prop replicas that you can buy, including car accessories, statues, and artwork. Classic pops include Star Wars, Superman, and Batman. They may seem like silly gifts for father’s day, but these classic superheroes are not only popular collectors amongst the younger generation today, but also the older generation.

Tools Tools Tools

When it comes to gifts for fathers day, single tools or a tool set is always a good option. Tooled Up always has a great selection of branded tools, or you can browse the tools by category. Visit the clearance sale to find quality tools and accessories at discounted prices.